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Career Milestone: Matthew Simkovic

Matthew always wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. At Johnson & Johnson he has been able to live out that dream. As a new hire straight out of college, Matthew was supported by a leadership team that not only set him on a career path in cybersecurity, but supported him in his role as a volunteer firefighter.

’d always wanted a career where I felt I was helping others. Joining Johnson & Johnson right out of Penn State, I found I could do that and build a successful career doing what I love – protecting people by utilizing technology. My career at Johnson & Johnson not only satisfies my passion for leveraging technology to protect against threats, but also enables me to support and protect others through my work as a volunteer firefighter.

  • 2012

    IT Analyst

    Information Technology Raritan, NJ
    Joining the Information Technology Leadership Development Program, I didn’t know what to expect, or whether, in such a large organization, I could get lost. Thanks to supportive and knowledgeable mentors I made a good transition from college to the work world. We were at the tip of the spear to launch a new vulnerability management program at Johnson & Johnson. I had found my home and my passion.
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    I’m an extreme type-A personality. The culture of Johnson & Johnson saw that and, instead of slapping my wrist, molded me as a person to get past that and achieve results in the right way.
  • 2014

    IT Analyst – Sales & IT

    Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Somerville, NJ
    I moved to Ethicon Inc., which develops next wave medical devices, to learn more about how other Johnson & Johnson companies do business. I needed that knowledge to better understand how security could play a bigger role. In this assignment, I led a major project to decommission and revamp an important data center. Through this work I became a strategic partner to the business.
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    I wanted to learn what our sales reps and clinicians do so I can help them with security
  • Senior Analyst, Vulnerability Risk Management

    Information Technology Raritan, NJ
    My experience at Ethicon was valued by my leadership team. and I was asked to rejoin the corporate headquarters. Given my knowledge of Johnson & Johnson’s various business units, and security experience, this opportunity consisted of working directly with website and application developers across the world to remediate potential security problems before they become actual problems.
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    People think, ‘It’s just a website…a hack can’t hurt our customers’…but it can.

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