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Career Milestone: Rebeca Lugo

Rebeca joined Johnson & Johnson seven years ago as a project manager in continuous manufacturing. Her career has spanned four roles, and two countries. She’s particularly proud of the diverse opportunities Johnson & Johnson has offered her over the years, and how her managers and mentors have encouraged her to lean into new ways of being innovative. Read Rebeca’s story:

t Johnson & Johnson, I’m supported by leaders who not only trust, but empower me. Where else could I turn my passion about improving manufacturing processes into a successful career in such a short period of time? Since joining Johnson & Johnson straight out of college seven years ago, I’ve been intellectually challenged, given roles of increasing responsibility, and entrusted to create and drive innovative manufacturing approaches. Today I work the world’s only commercial continuous manufacturing line for pharmaceuticals in Puerto Rico, helping to bring safe and effective products to patients throughout the world.

  • 2010 - 2011

    Quality Systems Senior Specialist
    Manufacturing Senior Supervisor

    Janssen Pharmaceuticals Puebla, Mexico
    I joined Johnson & Johnson because of its reputation as a great place to create an exciting career. I wasn’t disappointed. In my first two years, I rotated through several different positions, identifying opportunities to automate processes to improve efficiencies. As a recent graduate, I didn’t expect to be given such responsibilities right out of school, but was fortunate to be surrounded by leaders who not only believed in me, but who trusted me. Those first assignments established my reputation as a change agent.
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    I realized right away my priorities needed to be aligned with Our Credo.
  • 2013 - 2014

    Associate Technical Launch Integrator
    Associate New Product Lead, Launch Management

    Janssen Pharmaceuticals Gurabo, Puerto Rico
    My reputation for being an innovator led me to be assigned to a scientific department in technical operations, helping launch new products. It was a big job. Not only did I gain experience designing novel manufacturing processes, but I was directly involved in launching new products that could improve people’s lives – an experience that tapped into my own personal passion for helping others.
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    The most challenging part was working with people who weren’t on site with you. As New Product Lead, I worked with people around the world, providing me with an opportunity to connect with different cultures.
  • 2015

    Senior Scientist, Technical Launch Integrator

    Janssen Pharmaceuticals Gurabo, Puerto Rico
    My experience working on new product launches opened up additional career opportunities. Supported by leaders in the manufacturing group who recognized my abilities, I was moved to a position where I helped perfect the process for producing a new diabetes drug for commercial use. It was an exciting, and rewarding opportunity. Beyond being challenged professionally, I felt I was doing my part to help bring a new, innovative treatment to patients.
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    It was very rewarding to finish and launch a new product because you know then that someone will have an opportunity to live a better life.
  • 2016

    Project Manager Continuous Manufacturing

    Janssen Pharmaceuticals Gurabo, Puerto Rico
    My good work did not go unnoticed. I’m now entrusted to work on the team completing the biggest innovation in drug manufacturing in decades – a continuous manufacturing production line. All major drug companies make pills in batches. The new continuous manufacturing process we are developing will not only help solve the problem of forecasting the quantity of drugs to be manufactured to meet critical demand, but also give us the ability to release tablets in real time. Thanks to leaders who believe in me, equipped me with skills, and who trusted my ability to work on new and novel concepts, I’ve been selected to be part of this ground-breaking project.
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    The new continuous manufacturing line – the only one approved for commercial use in the world – provides us with the flexibility to respond immediately to different capacity scenarios and reduce testing time by applying novel advance analytics systems.

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