Building the Future of Health

Ever wonder what it's like to work at a company on the cutting edge of healthcare? From environmental and industrial design to coding and 3-D metal printing, Johnson & Johnson is pioneering new techniques and concepts for a brighter, healthier future.

In our Building the Future of Health series, you’ll see how we merge scientific discovery with the latest technology to produce impactful, life-changing advances.

Evolving the Future of Health

See how Aaron is helping Johnson & Johnson revolutionize the health space by applying the spirit of digital to address the challenges in today’s hospital care environment.

Engineering the Future of Health
Johnson & Johnson leadership in the metal 3-D printing space allows Dr. Chip Tomonto to truly develop personalized and customized medical solutions.

Building the Future of Health
Diane oversees Johnson & Johnson efforts to unleash the human potential by expanding the mind and strengthening the body at the Human Performance Institute.

Designing the Future of Health
Listening to the concerns and needs of patients allow Sharon to pick up subtle nuances that influence her designs – and eventually lead to improving the lives of others.

Reimagining the Future of Health
Discover how Roni Desai is contributing to the greater good by bringing her technology expertise to Johnson & Johnson.

Coding the Future of Health
Learn how app developer Jackie Gaston is disrupting the IT industry.

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