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From Campus to Career: How the Johnson & Johnson BE VITAL App is Re-Imagining University Recruiting

University students interested in finance, information technology (IT), research and development and supply chain operations can take advantage of the Johnson & Johnson BE VITAL App to transition from campus to a career. Students will be matched with a Johnson & Johnson mentor who shares a similar background based on industry, university and interests.

Hiring the Future Leaders of Johnson & Johnson
The Johnson & Johnson Talent Acquisition team has created their very first native application—the Johnson & Johnson BE VITAL app—which connects university students with us via a personalized digital experience to help them move from campus to a career.

Generation Z grew up in a digital world, fully immersed in social media and accustomed to the ease and speed of mobile apps. We wanted to connect with them in a relevant manner, and the app gives them the same digital experience they are used to while providing them with the information they need to make a pivotal decision and kick-start their careers.

“Everything has moved into a digital information consumption model, university recruiting had to move in that direction as well,” said Marc Mascolo, Global Head of Campus & Early Talent Strategy at Johnson & Johnson. “We wanted to connect with students digitally and ultimately help them make decisions on employers.”

Based on insights from our interns and university recruiting team, we learned that students were looking for a differentiated experience when connecting with employers. “Students want to understand more than what they get from a five-minute conversation at a generic career fair or what’s on a company website, and that’s exactly why the app was created,” Marc said.

The BE VITAL app makes the recruiting experience less transactional and much more human. With insider knowledge, unique content and one-on-one interactions with mentors from our company, the app gives university students a transparent view of what working at Johnson & Johnson is really like.

Johnson & Johnson BE VITAL: More Than Just an App
Once students download the BE VITAL app, they create a profile, including the name of their university, their major and their expected year of graduation. Students are then matched to a Johnson & Johnson mentor with a similar background—for instance, someone who is in the same field, went to their university, or shares their interests.

“Making that connection gives students someone who was in their shoes a couple of years ago, who truly understands the journey from campus life to looking at different career opportunities,” Marc said.

Using the app, students can direct-message their mentor, who will help guide them throughout their journey—from applying for a job to accepting an offer and everything in between. These conversations can cover topics like the importance of a personal brand, interview tips and what it’s like to work for Johnson & Johnson, as well as understanding potential professional development and career paths within our companies. It’s an environment that encourages open conversation about topics that matter the most to students to help them make an informed decision, learning about the company from a unique and authentic source—a Johnson & Johnson employee.

Career Advice and An Insider View
The mentorship facilitated by the app is immensely valuable, but the BE VITAL app offers more than a one-on-one connection throughout the hiring experience. It provides students with rich content about the different programs we offer across the organization. Candidates interested in finance, information technology (IT), research and development and supply chain operations can use the app to learn more about these functions and the career opportunities they offer, including internships, co-ops and leadership development programs. There’s even a calendar of events so students can connect with our university recruitment team live (or “IRL,” as Gen Z would put it).

The app is also a “one-stop shop” for career articles geared toward university students, including the latest news from Johnson & Johnson. Through our exclusive partnership with WayUp—a platform that empowers early career candidates to discover and be discovered by employers—we give students access to career advice articles they can leverage throughout the hiring experience. Students can find a variety of content, from how to develop great interviewing skills to how to navigate the complex world of recruiting, and more. Moreover, our Twitter feed—@JNJCareers—keeps students updated with what’s happening at Johnson & Johnson and offers even more best practices for landing the jobs they want.

Looking Ahead: New Features and More Networking
Our journey does not stop here. Our goal is to continually improve the BE VITAL app based on student feedback and to further reimagine university recruiting.

Students can expect the addition of new features in 2018 and beyond. We’re working to expand the potential student user base by including more schools and functions, and we want to re-create what university students experience on social platforms.

“We want to add a matching capability similar to what you experience when you’re on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram, where there are recommended connections you can make based on your profile,” Marc said. This will make the app even more useful and allow students to make additional meaningful networking connections. BE VITAL is a great tool for university recruiting—but it’s just the first of many yet to come!

We encourage you to download the Johnson & Johnson BE VITAL app now to connect with your very own Johnson & Johnson mentor! The Johnson & Johnson BE VITAL App is available for free on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or at, and Android™ phones and tablets through Google Play™.

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