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hat does it mean to innovate with purpose, apply rigorous science with compassion and lead where medicine is going? Perhaps just as importantly, what does it feel like when that’s your job? Physician Jaszianne Tolbert, Executive Medical Director, Oncology Clinical Development, explains.

On Reimagining the Future of Health


Jaszianne Tolbert, Executive Medical Director, Oncology Clinical Development

“It was almost scary when I first joined Johnson & Johnson, to be honest,” Jaszianne recounts with a laugh, “because I realized right away that we aren’t following any existing template. We’re thinking differently about bringing cures to cancer patients, which is an opportunity to do what you’re trained to do and what you’re passionate about, with the potential to impact patients’ lives on a global scale.”

Five years into her tenure, in fact, Jaszianne has already taken part in groundbreaking research across multiple therapeutic areas: leukemia, multiple myeloma, bladder cancer, solid tumors and more.

“Every day, I’m collaborating with an expansive network of global leaders across disciplines—including people who I personally looked up to back when I was still doing research in medical school,” Jaszianne says. “Having the opportunity to work with these people now is amazing.” 

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We’re thinking differently about bringing cures to cancer patients, which is an opportunity to impact patients’ lives on a global scale.

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What’s Different About Inclusion on Our Team?

“Most companies talk about diversity, equity and inclusion,” Jaszianne says. “But we walk the walk.”

She noticed the difference on day one. 

“When I sat down with Dan Kollock for my first interview, before the interview even started he told me that Johnson & Johnson has this very high level of respect for its employees. That the company hires people to keep people—not just for a specific role. That they hire the whole person and truly value diversity.”

“No one had ever outright said that to me in a job interview before, you know?”, Jaszianne recalls. “I mean, maybe it was on a piece of paper somewhere, but to have someone say that, and really mean it—it meant a lot to me.”

Now, she’s part of that difference: mentoring and developing the next generation of researchers and scientists, for example. Or working with colleagues (and soliciting feedback from 4,000 participants in 33 countries) to make sure we design clinical trials that are accessible, equitable and inclusive for all.

“I want you to be able to see yourself in our science and our clinical data,” Jaszianne says, a message which reverberates in her ongoing community outreach efforts, as well.

“It’s not about explaining why our research is important to the community, but why the community’s voice is important to our research, because only in this way—by continually listening and learning—can we understand the needs of patients and develop transformational medicines.”

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I believe Johnson & Johnson will be the company that brings about cures for some of these cancers. We’re so close.

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Ready to Unlock Tomorrow's Transformational Medicines?

By applying rigorous science with compassion, we can confidently address the most serious health problems of today, reimagine what’s possible and develop breakthroughs that change and save lives. If you’re aligned with the mission, learn how you can join Jaszianne at Johnson & Johnson. To get updates about jobs that might interest you in the future, join our global talent community, too.

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