Helping technical professionals return to work after an extended career break.
Helping technical professionals return to work after an extended career break.
People step away from their STEM2D careers for many reasons: to welcome a new baby to the world, to serve their country or to otherwise shift their focus to another area of their life that requires their full attention. And when the time is right to shift back to professional passions in STEM2D fields, Johnson & Johnson is ready to help with the transition.

The Re-Ignite Program at Johnson & Johnson

Welcome back to your STEM2D career
Returning to a professional career in STEM2D after an extended break can be a challenge. But Johnson & Johnson believes there is power in your experience; we see great value when people step away from their everyday career to pursue new goals and absorb new perspectives.

That’s why we created an empowering way for bold and motivated people to transition back to full-time careers. Also known as a returnship, Johnson & Johnson’s Re-Ignite return to work program is open to experienced professionals who have taken a career break of two years or more from a STEM2D career.

Designed specifically for those in science, technology, engineering, math, manufacturing, and design (STEM2D) roles, the Re-Ignite program is a more than a foot in the door at Johnson & Johnson. It’s support for the next phase of your career journey. The program includes:

  • Projects based on your professional passions
  • Comprehensive onboarding and industry-specific skills training
  • Paid on-the-job learning opportunities
  • Support from Johnson & Johnson mentors and program alumni
  • Consideration for a full-time role at J&J after completing the program

The Re-Ignite program is ideal for people returning to the STEM2D profession after:

Military service
Starting or raising a family
Providing care to a family member
Community service
Political office
Entrepreneurial ventures
Volunteer work
Continuing education
And many other professional or personal pursuits

Apply Today

  • Those with experience in a STEM2D-related field who have taken a career break from a STEM2D role for two or more years are welcome to apply.

    Johnson & Johnson is currently recruiting participants for the Re-Ignite program in the following locations:

    Timing is Everything
    When the time is right for you and your family, the Re-Ignite program is a supportive pathway that could spark your next professional breakthrough.

    At Johnson & Johnson, your work is directly connected to changing the trajectory of human health. And that could change everything, including you.

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