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Pivot From Career Break to Breakthrough With Re-Ignite

Come back to the workforce stronger and more prepared to take on the world’s most critical health challenges

The Johnson & Johnson Re-Ignite program is for experienced professionals ready to return to work after a career break of two years or longer. Get back to your career alongside others who have been where you are, who understand and appreciate nontraditional career journeys, unique skills, and life experience like yours. Guided by mentors and feedback from those who have successfully completed the program, Re-Ignite also includes:

  • Comprehensive onboarding and industry-specific skills training
  • Projects based on your goals
  • Building confidence and fluency in key workplace tools through on-the-job learning
  • A network of support for the next phase of your career journey and beyond
  • Consideration for a full-time role at Johnson & Johnson after completing the program

We believe pausing your career to pursue something else important shouldn’t stand in the way of your next breakthrough—it should enhance it.

Re-Ignite is for people rejoining the workforce after:

· Military service
· Starting or raising a family
· Caring for a family member
· Teaching
· Community service
· Political office
· Entrepreneurial ventures
· Volunteer work
· Continuing education
· Or many other professional or personal pursuits

Meet Trailblazers Who Left for One Passion and Returned for Another

When it’s time to start blending professional goals back into your life, Re-Ignite is a successful, proven and personalized approach. Meet people who have done just that.

Your Breakthrough is Waiting. Join Us!

Applying for a spot in the Re-Ignite program is straightforward and works just like applying for any job at Johnson & Johnson. Explore Re-Ignite roles across the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies.
Wherever you are in the world or in your career, we want to get to know you! Become part of our Global Talent Hub to stay connected, learn about working at Johnson & Johnson, and sign up for Re-Ignite job alert emails.
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