To help you understand the scale of transformation data scientists are driving at Johnson & Johnson today, Michael Phelan, Ph.D. invokes Thomas Edison's invention of the electric light bulb more than a hundred year ago. While the light bulb literally dazzled the public, Michael explained, the network of innovation behind it was equally impressive.
As the global pandemic continues to evolve, we can imagine that candidates likely have questions in mind. In this Q&A, Scott Montemurno, VP Global Talent Acquisition and Mobility, discusses the talent acquisition and recruitment processes at Johnson & Johnson—what's changed, what hasn't, and what candidates can expect every step of the way.
What's so special about patient reported outcomes (PROs), the reports that come directly from patients, as opposed to intermediaries like doctors or clinicians, during clinical trials?
Plotted on a line chart, America's per capita consumption of mozzarella cheese apparently correlates with the number of civil engineering doctorates awarded annually. Ditto the divorce rate in Maine and per capita consumption of margarine.
Our mission at Johnson & Johnson is to change the trajectory of human health, and data scientists are helping us achieve it. Among the presentations at our inaugural Data Science Showcase, for example, were potential breakthroughs on everything from Alzheimer's disease to dengue—including a few other, perhaps even more surprising applications, too.

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