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How J&J Learn Is Changing the Learning and Development Landscape How J&J Learn Is Changing the Learning and Development Landscape

ersonal and professional journeys go hand in hand. Who you are, what interests you, what you’re passionate about—none of that changes because of whether you’re in the office or outside of it, nor should it be expected to. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why “each person must be considered as an individual” is among the imperatives of Our Credo.

It’s also why we've launched J&J Learn, our world-class AI-powered learning and development ecosystem for employees. Here’s how it can help you acquire valuable new skills and find your own true path going forward.

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The reality is that your development journey really starts with you. What do you want to do? Where do you want to be? And most importantly, what’s your life purpose? Your life purpose has to be aligned with what you’re doing at work. Everything starts with that.

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Education → Experience → Exposure

With the 2022 launch of J&J Learn, we’re proud to have put together a comprehensive ecosystem of best-in-class learning and development tools.

How does it work, and what makes it so different? A lot of other companies offer reskilling, upskilling or learning and development opportunities, after all.

For one thing, we’ve taken a holistic end-to-end approach. For instance, after building new knowledge or skills with J&J Learn, you can immediately plug into real-world scenarios where you'll put them into practice at Johnson & Johnson.

Here's a quick rundown of the process, which is loosely organized around the three “E’s” of education, experience and exposure.

  • Education: Think of this as the discovery phase of the process. How you respond to structured prompts based on four key pillars—values, skills, fit and agility—will help you clarify your interests, identify potential skills gaps and map out what’s next.
  • Experience: This is when your growth spurt really kicks in. Having acquired new skills through self-directed online learning, you’ll now have the opportunity to pursue a “stretch assignment" in a related field. Expect to take on new challenges while being challenged to grow in a safe, supportive environment.
  • Exposure: Solidify your skills by being matched with a mentor. You’ll expand your network while benefiting from the hands-on support, coaching and guidance of a best-fit mentor.
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J&J Learn is the perfect scenario for challenging yourself in a safe environment.

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A Close-Up Look at J&J Learn in Practice

Johnson & Johnson offers incredible resources for employees, but navigating all of them in order to connect with the right mentor globally might feel daunting, especially for newcomers.

Consider HR Lead Eduardo Kist, who joined the company in 2021. After spearheading projects around people analytics, talent and strategy, he was ready to step up and take on new challenges.

“I wanted to transition within my role," Eduardo recalled. "I was looking for a mentor—specifically, someone who had more experience than me in areas like digital, change management, data and transformation.”

So Eduardo completed the self-assessments on J&J Learn, then navigated to its "Mentor/Mentee" section, which generated recommendations based on his input.

At the top of the list was Geralyn Giorgio, Director of Change Management and Communications.

“After reading through Geralyn’s bio, I thought she was a perfect match with what I wanted to develop," he said. “When I reached out, she was very fast to reply. It has been a very organic relationship ever since.”

And if you think the strength of that mentor-mentee relationship was pure serendipity, think again.

“The self-assessment component of J&J Learn is really useful from both sides, in terms of both mentors and mentees,” Eduardo reflected. “It was very helpful for me, because then you can reach out to people who the platform recommends as an ideal fit, which helps you find the right match. You just have to do the assessments and identify what it is that you want to learn and develop. From there, you’ll quickly get a list of the best mentors who are available.”

Eduardo's takeaway? “Take the leap and raise your hand!”

Learn Where YOU Are Uniquely Capable

As easy to access and intuitive to navigate as your favorite video-streaming platform, J&J Learn is a game-changer for Johnson & Johnson employees, enabling people on our team to pursue their passions while gaining valuable new skills that can unlock their potential. So if you’re looking for an innovative environment where personal and professional development go hand in hand, be sure to check out all of the opportunities we’re hiring for today.

In the interim, you should join our global talent community, too. It only takes a minute, and it’s a great way to stay in touch—plus, you can sign up to receive updates about jobs that might interest you in the future.

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