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Be, feel, and do your best

The flexible benefits we offer at Johnson & Johnson are a reflection of Our Credo values-and a way to create a truly inclusive-place where you belong. When you’re at your best, and your family—however you define it—feels safe and well, nothing stands between you and your next breakthrough. Here’s what that looks like:
  • Adoption, fertility and surrogacy benefits for heterosexual and same-sex spouses*
  • Global parental leave for all new parents (maternal, paternal, adoptive or surrogacy-assisted)
  • Best-in-class military benefits, including paid time off after military leave, and military spouse leave*
  • Global caregiver leave to support an immediate family member with a critical illness or injury
  • Exceptional child care benefits
  • Transgender-inclusive and same-sex partner health insurance coverage*
  • Global volunteer leave to give time to our communities
  • Global bereavement leaves to heal from the-loss of a family member
  • Global Well-Being Reimbursement for activities that support healthy movement, healthy mindfulness and healthy eating
  • College coaching and student loan counseling for employees’ college-aged children*
  • Mental health and well-being programs and resources, including the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) & CARE (Confidential, Accessible, Responsive, Engaged) Services to help employees navigate situations and obtain the support needed to thrive amidst the events life presents

You deserve to work for a company where you’re empowered to be, feel and do your best every day. That’s how we’ll tackle the world’s most pressing health challenges—together—for years to come.

*U.S. Only

Our stories

Discover what our inclusive benefits mean to our employees and their loved ones.

Our commitment to you

Great benefits at Johnson & Johnson are part of our mission to positively impact the lives of people everywhere.
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Adoption, fertility and surrogacy benefits for heterosexual and same-sex spouses

What could be more exciting than welcoming the latest addition to your family? Of course, it can be expensive, too. That’s why we offer assistance with fertility treatments, adoption and surrogacy to both heterosexual and LGBTQIA+ spouses in the U.S.
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Global parental leave for new parents

We offer all new parents—maternal, paternal, adoptive or surrogacy-assisted—eight weeks of paid leave during the first year of a new child’s arrival into their family.
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Best-in-class military benefits, including paid time off after military leave

Employees enlisted in any branch of the U.S. Military Reserve or National Guard who are called for training or active duty, as well as to help in the case of a natural disaster, receive their full salary for up to 24 months and a continuation of benefits—in addition to what the U.S. military pays them.
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Exceptional child care benefits

We offer a wide range of programs, from infancy through kindergarten, at a subsidized cost to all U.S. employees. Plus, for employees who work remotely, we offer additional ways to help offset the costs of child care.
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Transgender-inclusive and same-sex partner health insurance coverage

For U.S. employees, we offer transgender-inclusive health insurance coverage as well as same-sex partner benefits that are aligned with the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index. Our coverage also includes gender-transition surgery for employees diagnosed with gender dysphoria.
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Two weeks off (one of them fully paid) for volunteer work

We want to help our teams make just as much positive impact outside of the office as they do in it. That’s why we let eligible U.S. employees take up to two weeks off—one of them fully paid—to volunteer for a nonprofit of their choice.
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Pet insurance

Rest assured, our pet health insurance covers more than just cats and dogs. If you’re a U.S. employee and the proud owner of a bird, rabbit, lizard or ferret, we’ve got you covered, too!
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Global exercise reimbursement

Our Exercise Reimbursement Program covers full-time as well as part-time employees. It’s a simple way for us to help all of our people be, feel and do their best every day.
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College coaching for U.S. employees’ college-aged children

College application time can be stressful, so we offer coaching for children of all U.S. employees as they start the process

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