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4 Insights Into Our Culture of Inclusiveness 4 Insights Into Our Culture of Inclusiveness

More than half of the first 14 employees at Johnson & Johnson were women, and we continue to believe that a diverse and inclusive workplace—one where everyone feels they belong—is not only a business imperative but a key driver of our growth today.

We know that innovation thrives when diverse perspectives come together, and that when people feel comfortable being themselves they perform their best. That's why we're supercharging our focus on diversity and inclusion, and taking steps to proactively build it into the fabric of what we do—and how we do it—every day. Read on for four ways that we’re driving that transformation, and how you can join us to help make it a reality.

Aligning With the New Normal

The world is changing—fast. But we know that by aligning with and serving the needs of our diverse and multicultural stakeholders, from patients to employees, consumers and customers, we can unlock tremendous potential for growth.

For instance, we know that traditional ideas about personal identity—in particular, that identity is rooted in the gender you are assigned at birth—are rapidly changing, with the percentage of transgender adults in the U.S. doubling in just the last 10 years.

Gen Z and millennials have been at the forefront of that change, and we're not only inspired by their example, but also committed to supporting them in every way possible.

"The speed with which Gen Z and millennials have been able to drive positive social change is remarkable," observed Jessica Giangaspero, Director, Enterprise Supply Chain Communications at Johnson & Johnson and Enterprise Co-Chair of our Open&Out LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group (ERG). "That's really exciting, and it has caused us as a company to reflect on our own identity, too."

Because progressive social change fundamentally aligns with Our Credo at Johnson & Johnson, our goal today is to demonstrate our support for that change in a way that has the greatest impact.

"We aren't just talking about our support for the LGBTQ+ community," Jessica said. "We're exemplifying it in everything we do—from our inclusive health and benefits policies to our advocacy networks and strong ERGs."

Building Changing Ideas About Gender Identity Into Our Workspaces

For Jeanne Bennett, Vice President, Global Professional Group and Enterprise Co-Chair of the Open&Out LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group, changing ideas about gender and identity are a source of inspiration—a mandate as well as an opportunity.

"Gen Z is so gender-fluid and so identity-fluid," she said. "I think a lot of companies aren’t ready for this generation and what they’ll expect of the workplace."

And as Jessica pointed out, the scope of that examination runs the gamut, from policies, such as our guidelines supporting employees who are transitioning, to physical spaces—and everything in between.

She explained: "We looked at our facilities in order to address questions like: Have we considered single-use bathrooms in new workplace designs? Are we truly supporting folks who are transitioning? And can we even use the design and management of facilities to actually shape thinking for the future?"

Strengthening Our Culture of Inclusion

ERGs like Open&Out are a vital part of Johnson & Johnson's strategy for creating a truly diverse and inclusive culture—today and tomorrow. And, as Jeanne pointed out, these groups are not only global in scope but actively growing. "Our Open&Out ERG has seen great momentum in its global footprint," she said.

Plus, participants in Open&Out gain access to broader opportunities for mentorship, connections and professional development. For example, when members of Jeanne's ERG have to deliver presentations for the group, she likes to coach them on presentation skills beforehand. And she does so despite the fact that their day-to-day work functions generally don't coincide with her own.

"These ERGs allow you to expand your horizons," she said. "You get a chance to connect with people across other branches of Johnson & Johnson." That access, she noted, extends all the way to the top of the company.

"Our senior executives strongly support our events,” Jeanne explained, “so by attending you also often get the chance to interact with them.”

Stuart Todd, who was recently named co-lead of the Open&Out chapter in Jacksonville, Florida, shared Jeanne's excitement about the power of ERGs, and said he has also seen an outpouring of senior-level support.

"As an example of that," he said, "this year we were able to sponsor a banquet for the PFLAG of Jacksonville Scholarship, which helps openly LGBTQ+ scholars pursue higher education."

And he cited another—perhaps slightly more lighthearted—example of that support: "Every Thursday in June we had a 'Meal of the Week' for Johnson & Johnson employees," he said, "and each meal was brought to you by a famous LGBTQ+ chef."

Advancing the Workforce and Workplace of Tomorrow

Right now, there are over 1,700 participants in Johnson & Johnson ERGs like Open&Out. But, Jeanne said, there's an opportunity for them to make an even greater impact going forward.

"We'd like to double our membership in the next few years," Jeanne said. "At the same time, we don’t just want new chapters for the sake of having new chapters. We want strategic growth—and so we have guidelines in place to assess chapter readiness and help them launch and thrive."

Guidelines like these are just one example of our commitment to improving our organizational culture to reflect and support progressive social change. That means creating a workforce that is diverse and inclusive, and a workplace where everyone feels they belong.

"Personally, as a lesbian, it's so important to me that the workplace is open to everyone," Jeanne said. "I couldn't imagine working someplace where I didn't feel comfortable."

And to continue to realize our vision for diversity and inclusion at Johnson & Johnson, we're undertaking far-reaching and forward-looking initiatives, both inside and out. For one, we're implementing programs, policies and processes to ensure that we build a diverse workforce for the future. By enhancing our workplace culture, we know we'll be able to deliver even better business results—and make a positive impact in the lives of people everywhere.

Join Johnson & Johnson Today

If you share our commitment to diversity and inclusion and want to work for a company that is dedicated to making a difference in the world today, click here to search all of the open positions at Johnson & Johnson right now. And if you're a student, be sure to check out opportunities like our Scientist Mentoring & Diversity Program (SMDP), a yearlong mentorship initiative that pairs ethnically diverse students with industry leaders, as well as the internships, co-ops and leadership development programs (LDPs) that are available at Johnson & Johnson today.

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