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How We Help STEM Superstars Thrive at Johnson & Johnson

We're launching groundbreaking STEM innovations every day at Johnson & Johnson—from 3-D printing knee meniscus tissue to creating robotic-assisted surgery platforms and developing tools to track the environmental impact of our products. But to continue to disrupt, innovate and change the trajectory of human health, we need to have the brightest minds with the biggest, most passionate hearts on our team. Never underestimate the impact we can make together when you apply your drive and expertise to our collective purpose.

So what kind of career possibilities does a STEM background create at Johnson & Johnson? The answer is pretty much as broad as your interests. Let's check in with two of our current STEM superstars to hear how you can follow your passions, cultivate your skill set and forge your own path when you join forces with us here.

Lynn's Path: "A Way to Make an Impact On a Very Large Scale"

Lynn Starr, M.D., Director, Clinical Development at Janssen Scientific Affairs, LLC/Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies, one of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, is a trained physician who has spent more than 15 years studying the treatment of attention deficit disorder (ADD) and schizophrenia.

But before joining Johnson & Johnson, Lynn began her career as a pediatrician in Baltimore. It was a formative experience that continues to guide her work today. "I would give these brochures to parents with information about their child's medication, and nine times out of 10 the kids pictured in the brochures were white," recalled Lynn. "And parents would just hand the brochures back to me, saying, 'This doesn’t look like my kid.'”

Since joining Johnson & Johnson, Lynn has been on a mission to change that. She’s spearheaded multiple initiatives to increase inclusivity in our advertising, as well as in our clinical studies and advisory boards. It’s just one example of the opportunities she’s found to amplify her impact since coming on board.

“In leaving my private practice, I was passionate about entering industry because I saw it as a way to make an impact on a very large scale," said Lynn. "And I found that with Johnson & Johnson."

Lynn also recently completed a two-year rotational program at Johnson & Johnson that exposed her to a wide range of different business areas within the company. She said the experience bolstered her confidence in her ability to adapt and apply her core skill set to new contexts. It also cemented another conviction: "Just because you train for one area of STEM doesn’t mean you can’t apply those skills to other areas, too."

Amitha's Journey: "I'm Part of a Team Where It's Great to Be Different"

For Amitha Kumar, Senior R&D Engineer, Product Performance Evaluation, Ethicon Inc., one of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, interacting with customers has always been her favorite part of the job. She loves the dynamism of working with people to understand their needs, and then translating those needs into technical requirements that become real-world, life-changing products.

So when she realized that an MBA would help her excel in a role that centered on customer interaction, she reached out to her manager—and that's when she discovered just how far Johnson & Johnson's support truly went. Today, with the company's full financial backing, she's enrolled in the Leadership and Marketing Research Insights and Analytics MBA program at Rutgers University, with an anticipated graduation in the fall of 2019.

Just like Lynn, Amitha said she believes that a STEM background at Johnson & Johnson is actually a license to grow and explore your interests, wherever they take you, as opposed to being limited to any one area of focus.

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The possibilities at Johnson & Johnson are simply endless when you have a STEM background."

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Johnson & Johnson is committed to continued development and learning for all of our employees, and you'll find that ongoing mentorship opportunities are available to facilitate your own career growth. As Amitha recounted, "I’ve had a very important mentor during my career at Johnson & Johnson. She's someone I looked up to, someone I wanted to be like. Even the way she presented her thoughts was something that I found really inspiring."

Now Amitha is paying it forward and taking others under her wing, including a new hire from Israel. "It was easy for me to help him because I had gone through something similar," she said. "I know what it's like to come to a new country and settle in."

Amitha was quick to add that she's certainly not alone at Johnson & Johnson in that regard.

"One thing amazed me when I joined the company: If you just sit down at a table and look around, everyone looks so different. There’s so much diversity here. I feel like I’m part of a team where it’s OK to be different, where it’s great to be different."

We're Hiring the Next Generation of STEM Superstars Today

We are recognized leaders in STEM innovation here at Johnson & Johnson, and as the stories of Lynn and Amitha make clear, you'll find countless opportunities to make an impact of your own—from both inside and outside of our walls. You'll be stationed right at the forefront of healthcare, during the most exciting time for the most innovative company in history. If you're ready to build a STEM career with the power of the world's largest broadly based health company behind you, check out all of the opportunities to join Johnson & Johnson today.

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