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How We're Applying Data Science to Unlock Human Potential How We're Applying Data Science to Unlock Human Potential

Our mission at Johnson & Johnson is to change the trajectory of human health, and data scientists are helping us achieve it. Among the presentations at our inaugural Data Science Showcase, for example, were potential breakthroughs on everything from Alzheimer's disease to dengue—including a few other, perhaps even more surprising applications, too.

  • What factors have the greatest impact on career advancement at Johnson & Johnson?
  • Ultimately, what can we do to help all 130,000-plus of our global employees achieve their career goals faster?

The result is what Johnson & Johnson leaders like Clint Kofford, Global Head of Talent Development, call "promotion velocity": a way of measuring career progression, with the goal of accelerating it down the line. Here's an inside look at an innovative study we recently conducted to better understand promotion velocity—and how data science can help you reach your potential faster when you join our team today.

Accelerating Eureka!

Our recent study, led by Michael Hoffman, Ph.D., leveraged data science to analyze internal career data. And by combining promotion-related data with descriptive data—information about sectors, functions, regions, access to development programs and more—it was able to uncover surprising correlations and trends.

What did Michael and his team find?

While the study is ongoing, it's already validated something that many of our managers probably suspected: People with a greater diversity of experience (such as experience working across sectors, functions or regions) are promoted with greater frequency at Johnson & Johnson than their more stationary peers.

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We believe development is a personal experience: No two careers are identical. We’re leveraging the power of AI and machine learning to guide our employees on development pathways and help them reach their goals

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Transforming (and Personalizing) Talent Development

For Michael and his team, the recent study has a host of implications for how we approach talent development. "The big-picture goal," he explained, "is to understand what drives career advancement at Johnson & Johnson. If we know that, we use our knowledge of those drivers to help employees reach their career goals faster."

And in the near term, Michael foresees a number of positive outcomes from the study. More effective talent development programs are one example. Smarter criteria for promotions are another.

Down the line, Michael says he'd also like to develop "a one-stop shop for employees to get insights around their career paths, help them convert weaknesses into strengths and better understand their progress toward goals."

So stay tuned, because the second phase of the study, expanding on the discoveries from phase one, is about to be rolled out globally. It's another exciting milestone for Michael and the team. "What we're developing is a data-driven approach to understanding—and unlocking—human potential," he said.

Time to Accelerate Your Growth

What does it look like to accelerate your promotion velocity?

“We’re on a quest to personalize development," Clint said. "For some people, that means becoming a deep and world-class expert in a narrow area. For others, it means a broad commercial career along the lines of general management. Whatever your path, we believe it begins with purpose.”

Indeed, opportunities to grow while developing in your career are a core part of our commitment to our employees at Johnson & Johnson. The recent project led by Michael and his team reflects that commitment—but it's certainly not the only way we're applying data science to deliver on it.

Ready to see why good data science means doing good at Johnson & Johnson? Check out all of the opportunities to join our data science community today. Be sure to sign up for our Global Talent Hub, too. It's a great way to stay in touch, learn more about life at Johnson & Johnson and get updates about jobs that might interest you in the future.

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