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"My Passion for Alleviating the Suffering of Patients”: Olu's Impact in Market Access "My Passion for Alleviating the Suffering of Patients”: Olu's Impact in Market Access

Getting life-changing products and medicines into the hands of the patients who need them is the mandate for the Market Access team at Johnson & Johnson—one that's central to our mission of changing the future of health. Here's how a Global Compound Market Access leader is bringing it to life.

A Physician’s Role in Market Access

As a physician with a background in public health, Olu Adejoro, MD, MPH, brings unique perspective to the Market Access team at Johnson & Johnson.

"I have this really in-depth knowledge of these diseases, not only the pathology of these diseases but the unmet needs associated with them as well," he explained. And as Director and Global Compound Market Access Leader at The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, such broad-based knowledge comes into play every day.

The goal for Olu? Clearing a path for life-saving drugs to come to market—and ensuring they can reach the patients who need them the most.

It's a tall order, to be sure, one that requires him to work with stakeholders around the world, mobilize real-world evidence and understand pricing and reimbursement structures from end to end.

"I truly enjoy the challenge," Olu said, "but I would say that my interest in Market Access really begins with my passion for alleviating the suffering of patients, for helping those patients to access the medicines, therapies and treatments they need. It's what drives me every day."

Olu's Journey to a Career in Market Access

Zooming out a bit, Olu's interest in a career at the front lines of health impact goes back a long time. "Ever since I was a little boy," he said, "I always knew I wanted to work in the field of healthcare."

Why? For one, while growing up, Olu vividly recalls accompanying his mother, a nurse, to work, and being by her side as she attended to patients. The experience proved to be formative.

"I remember back then that the most visible people to me were the nurses, like my mother, and the doctors. Right away, I think I just knew that one day I would be one of them."

In fact, Olu's sense of purpose and commitment have never wavered since then. Only his specific focus area has. At least a little bit.

"For me, the 'twist' in my journey in the healthcare space is that instead of becoming a surgeon or a doctor, where you might only have the chance to touch the life of one person or patient at a time, I decided to go into the field of Market Access, where I have opportunities to impact the lives of many, many people at a time."

Early Takeaways From a Newcomer at Johnson & Johnson?

Having joined our team less than one year ago, Olu is still a relative newcomer to Johnson & Johnson. What has stood out or surprised him about the experience since coming on board?

"I must say, I really appreciate the fact that this company is absolutely driven by science," Olu said. "I also appreciate that the culture and the people are so collaborative, and that everyone is absolutely aligned around the values in Our Credo."

In a certain sense, that alignment around values also helps simplify the work of Olu and his colleagues. After all, it means there's never any uncertainty about the mission: These Market Access professionals are out to change the future of health for good. And that means Olu can be his authentic self in everything he does, and share his passion with his colleagues every day.

Apply Your Passion to Impact the Lives of People Everywhere

We're always innovating and making breakthrough discoveries at Johnson & Johnson. But to bridge the gap between discovery and impact requires the ethical, purpose-driven efforts of Olu and his colleagues on the Market Access team. It's the only way we can make good on our commitment to change the trajectory of health for humanity. As Olu observed, "The opportunities to make an impact here are endless."

Ready to join Olu and apply your passion to our collective purpose at Johnson & Johnson today? Take a moment to explore all of the openings we have in Market Access—and while you're at it, you should sign up for our Global Talent Hub, too. The latter is a simple way to stay in touch, learn more about life at Johnson & Johnson and even get updates about jobs that might interest you in the future.

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