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The Holy Grail of Tech: Inside CES 2020 with Tyler Rochwerg The Holy Grail of Tech: Inside CES 2020 with Tyler Rochwerg

It took just over five years for Tyler Rochwerg to go from Johnson & Johnson intern to the Forbes' "30 Under 30" list for marketing and advertising. And as part of the team that unveiled our latest breakthrough at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), he just might be getting used to the spotlight, too.

Here's an inside look at our innovation from CES 2020—and how a career with Johnson & Johnson can put you on center stage.

CES 2020: Major Innovation in Skin Health

Tyler and the team came to CES 2020 on a mission: to give beauty consumers what they crave—a holistic view of the factors impacting their skin health, plus expert guidance on how to achieve their best skin ever. The new Neutrogena Skin360™ app, our latest skin tech breakthrough, does just that.

All you have to do is snap a selfie. The app handles the rest.

"The app allows you to see your skin in a completely new light," Tyler added, "which is one of the reasons why consumers are so excited about it. This project has also been exciting for me personally, because we're really living into the Neutrogena mission of democratizing access to skin health and bringing skin-health education to everyone. By building these kinds of tools, we're removing barriers."

Taking an "Anti-Vaporware" Approach

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Tyler Rochwerg, Digital Marketing & Innovation Manager

"I’m a huge geek and obsessed with all things tech and gadgets," Tyler admitted with a laugh. "So for me, CES is like the holy grail of tech."

Of course, Tyler is a CES veteran by now: 2020 marked his fourth year in attendance. But he still remembers the first time he went—under very different circumstances. "My first CES, I paid out of pocket. I wasn't there on behalf of Johnson & Johnson. I went with a friend. I was there simply as someone who loves technology."

And while CES is a veritable playground of tech innovation, Tyler points out that a lot of the headline-grabbing gizmos on display, which this year included flying taxis and robot chefs, never make it into production.

"We call that stuff 'vaporware,' innovation that maybe makes a splash but never actually goes to market," Tyler said. "It just vaporizes somewhere along the line."

As the product team from Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health prepared for CES 2020, they decided on a very different approach. Call it "anti-vaporware." They were adamant about that from the start.

"We came to CES to release a functional product," Tyler explained. "Together with the fact that the app is available as a free download for iOS and Android, I think that really resonated and connected with our audience."

From Toronto to LA: How Culture Crosses Borders

What fast-tracks career growth? Tyler says culture is key. And it all goes back to his first exposure to Johnson & Johnson as an intern in Toronto.

"The internship showed me the value of working for a company with a strong culture," he said. "Since then, especially working with people across the U.S. and Canada, I've come to see that 'culture' isn't a static thing for Johnson & Johnson. Our culture permeates everything, even across national borders."

On the heels of his successful internship, Tyler accepted a full-time position with LISTERINE®, where he played an important role in the launch of the inaugural LISTERINE® challenge.

As Tyler's development began to pick up pace, he realized that his "true passion is digital"—an insight that propelled him to his current role as a Digital Marketing and Innovation Manager. Now based in Los Angeles, he gets to put that passion into practice every single day, working on our Neutrogena®, CLEAN & CLEAR® and ROGAINE® brands.

What’s next for Tyler? Well, after recently establishing Neutrogena® Studios, a division of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc., Tyler’s newest adventure will have him leading special projects and producing creative stories in a whole new light.

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Coming in, I knew that I wanted to be pushed to grow, but at the same time to feel supported. That can be a delicate balance, but it's definitely what I've gotten at Johnson & Johnson.

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