Why Our Colleagues Love Working at Johnson & Johnson: Valentine's Day Edition


Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate matters of the heart, which is something we know more than a little bit about. After all, we encourage all of our team members to explore their interests and pursue their passions while working to lengthen, strengthen and improve the lives of people everywhere.

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, here are a few of the things our people love about working at Johnson & Johnson—plus, all of the ways you can join us today.

Why Our Team Members Love Working at Johnson & Johnson

I love all of the mentoring at Johnson & Johnson. Being able to provide guidance and help others grow is part of why I made the decision to come here.

I love that this is a company where people feel welcome to be themselves. I’ve always been out at Johnson & Johnson, and nobody has ever looked at me sideways.

This was my first big job, and what continues to amaze me is that when you sit at a table at Johnson & Johnson, everyone looks so different. I love that there’s so much diversity here. I feel like I’m part of the team where it’s not only OK to be different, it’s great to be different.

I love that diversity is such a huge priority for us. For example, we always aim to provide a slate of diverse candidates—and we know that this is something that will help us be innovative going forward. And once new hires come on board, they quickly discover that it's easy to move up or laterally across the organization.

I love Johnson & Johnson's collaborative spirit. Working here, there's a great sense that we’re all in this together.

At Johnson & Johnson, you're surrounded by smart people who you love working with. I've had great opportunities to mentor other team members, and been mentored by others in turn.

I love this company and role because both are centered on a common purpose. Our goal is changing the trajectory of health for humanity. We're all about healthy products, healthy ingredients and healthy people.

I love the way people work together and support each other to meet the mission. Our team is fun, energetic and agile.

How You Can Join Us Today

Is improving human health as near to your heart as it is to ours? Game-changing health breakthroughs are just a heartbeat away when you apply your talent and expertise to our collective purpose. And because we're committed to having the world's healthiest workforce, you'll find opportunities to strengthen your body—and your heart—while expanding your mind when you join us.

Check out all of the ways you can join the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies today.

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