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Careers in Sales

Yilan talks about working in sales within our companies.
Yilan talks about working in sales within our companies.

Sales professionals within our companies have the advantage of delivering solutions that are among the best in the marketplace for quality, efficacy and manufacturing integrity. Our products live up to a heritage of trust that spans generations of consumers, patients and healthcare professionals.

Our Sales teams play a vital role in helping healthcare professionals prescribe and recommend products appropriately to optimize performance and safety for patients and consumers. They also convey important customer feedback to their marketing and R&D teams to ensure that our products are always improving. Quite often, they attain a level of product and application knowledge that makes them highly valued partners to the customers they serve.

The knowledge and experience our sales professionals gain opens up many opportunities to explore a range of exciting career tracks. They can maximize their contribution to our business growth by expanding their impact in the field. Or, they can support the business by moving into sales leadership, marketing or executive leadership roles.

What It's Like To Work Here

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The people around you want you to succeed. They will always give you their time. That’s what’s different about working at Johnson & Johnson. I am just amazed by all of the support and mentoring I have received, especially from individuals who are not responsible for my development. Johnson & Johnson’s relationship-building culture is a clear differentiator.

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