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Be Your Whole Self—Person, Parent, Caregiver, Professional: Samantha’s Story Be Your Whole Self—Person, Parent, Caregiver, Professional: Samantha’s Story

Person. Parent. Caregiver. Professional. Samantha Torres is all those things and then some. Find out why this Senior Supervisor was honored as one of Johnson & Johnson’s 2023 “Working Parents of the Year” by bringing her whole self to work.

“Fulfilled in All My Roles” 

 We recognize that for many people, family comes first. That certainly describes Samantha Torres, a mother of three and a Senior Supervisor at Johnson & Johnson.

From an early age, Samantha remembers family gatherings each Christmas to prepare pasteles, a traditional Puerto Rican dish of pork, adobo and plantains wrapped in banana leaves, resembling a present.


The Torres family (clockwise from left): husband Jerry, Samantha, son Jeremiah and daughters Sofia and Nadia

Rich in taste, time and labor, the recipe “required the many hands of the family to make,” as she put it.

Today, Samantha continues that tradition with her own family—husband Jerry, son Jeremiah and daughters Sofia and Nadia—and sees parallels in the many hands supporting her career journey.

“I have a career that not only continues to challenge me and expand my skill set, but also helps me feel fulfilled in all of my roles: parent, caregiver, employee,” she said. “I’m grateful to have such supportive colleagues, and to work for an inclusive company whose values align with my own, because I know how hard it is for working parents to succeed in their careers without this kind of support and flexibility.”

Indeed, personal experience brought that point home for Samantha in 2008 when her third child, Nadia, was born with a disability.

The challenges seemed insurmountable at first. “We couldn’t find skilled homecare nurses, which was a requirement for her to leave the hospital and come live at home,” Samantha recalled. “And even when we did finally find the right nurses, they could only work limited hours.”

She remembers asking, “Will I have to give up my career in order to stay home and care for my daughter full time?”

Instead, Samantha spoke with her manager, who helped her switch to a more flexible schedule and allowed her to split her time between working in the office and at home. “The flexibility that I gained by working from home was amazing,” Samantha said. “I realized that it was the only way I could keep working full time and advancing in my career while also managing my daughter’s complex care.”

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Great Benefits Behind Our Inclusive Culture

At the same time that Samantha was named one of Johnson & Johnson’s “Working Parents of the Year,” we were honored as one of Seramount’s “100 Best Companies” in 2023 for the 38th consecutive year—the only employer to be honored every year since its inception in 1985. Underpinning both awards is the full portfolio of well-being benefits and resources we offer to our employees.

Find out more about our employee benefits at Johnson & Johnson, including those that support working parents, to learn how we can help you be, feel and do your best at work and at home.

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