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Orchestrating Impact: Wonjoo Jung On the “Melody” of Market Access Orchestrating Impact: Wonjoo Jung On the “Melody” of Market Access

Before she became a global leader in Market Access, Wonjoo Jung learned all the essentials of teamwork and listening from her training as a cellist. Today, she's just playing on a much larger stage.

As Head of Health Economics & Market Access, Asia Pacific at Johnson & Johnson, Wonjoo sees a clear through line from Our Credo—the values that are our true north at Johnson & Johnson—and the work that she does every day.

As she put it, "The values in Our Credo are what unite colleagues at Johnson & Johnson around the world. It's a common vision. It connects us all and makes collaboration easier. I think it's a big part of what makes us so strong."

She also pointed out, "The first sentence of Our Credo begins 'We believe our first responsibility is to the patients.' So Our Credo is an absolutely fundamental part of our work in Market Access. You could say it's the 'why' behind everything we do."


Wonjoo Jung, Head of Health Economics & Market Access, Asia Pacific

As for the "what"—namely, ensuring that essential medicines and medical technologies are available to patients around the world—Wonjoo acknowledges that's a little bit complex.

"Market Access has to be a reflection of the external healthcare system, including the unique requirements of, say, Japan or China or Australia. Each of these markets has different payers, funding and reimbursement models and more."

Getting new drugs and medical technologies to market, therefore, revolves around a complex interplay of strategy, planning and adjustments on the fly. As such, there are a ton of partners and stakeholders involved, both internally and externally, from doctors to health insurance agencies, health economics specialists to market researchers, and nearly everyone in between.

It's a dynamic, cross-functional, enriching and impactful career path, in other words—and Wonjoo wouldn't want it any other way.

Diverse Career Paths in Market Access

Wonjoo hails from South Korea, but her career in Market Access with Johnson & Johnson has taken her far and wide.

Until relatively recently, for example, she was based in Japan. Today, she calls Singapore home.

As for what skill sets or areas of expertise does lend themselves to careers in Market Access, Wonjoo insists there’s no single answer. In her case, interestingly, it was a master's degree in pharmacy that first opened the door.

Of course, she has expanded her capabilities considerably since then.

"The breadth of learning and development opportunities at Johnson & Johnson, together with the diversity of career pathways, are both very, very unique," Wonjoo said.

And for anyone considering joining her on the Market Access team, she had this to say as well: "Reflecting on my own career journey, I've worked in all of these different sectors and all of these different geographies. So it's important to recognize that there are incredibly diverse opportunities that will become available to you when you pursue a career in Market Access at Johnson & Johnson."

The "Melody" of Market Access

On the front lines of global healthcare impact, Wonjoo is ensuring that potentially life-saving medicines and medical technologies are available to the patients who need them everywhere. But she was also once a cellist who performed with Seoul National University Philharmonic Orchestra, an experience which continues to echo in her career today.

"In an orchestral arrangement," Wonjoo explained, "there are moments when, for example, the violin is going to be the key player, so your job is to play a supporting role. Then, at other times, the emphasis is on the cello, so the violinists play softer as the cellists take the lead. But it only works and sounds beautiful if everyone knows when to lead and when to support, when everyone works together"—literally in concert—"as a team."

Harmony, teamwork, attentively listening (not only to one another, but hearing the patient's voice as well): "While the theme of 'orchestration' applies to Johnson & Johnson very broadly," Wonjoo added, "I think it applies to those of us in Market Access best of all."

Join Wonjoo and Our Market Access Team Today

Looking to apply your unique skills to help amplify the impact we’re making in the lives of people around the world today—and maybe even rewrite the story of human health tomorrow as well? Check out all of the Market Access roles we’re hiring for at Johnson & Johnson.

In the meantime, you should consider joining our global talent community as well. It's an easy way to stay in touch, learn more about our mission and even get updates about jobs that might interest you in the future.

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