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4 Insights Into Our Culture of Learning and Development at Johnson & Johnson 4 Insights Into Our Culture of Learning and Development at Johnson & Johnson

We think of your career as a living thing at Johnson & Johnson, and we want it to grow and evolve just as much as you do from the moment you join us. Matt Kane, Head of Global Learning, Leadership Development and Manager Capability, explains how we're bringing that vision to life right now.


Best-in-Class Learning Platforms


How do you build the bridge between where you are in your career now, and where you want to be tomorrow? We think structure helps.

"We take a structured approach based on three pillars—education, experience and exposure—and customize it to your goals and needs," Matt explained. "Whatever your path, you'll find extraordinary learning and development opportunities at Johnson & Johnson, and that's true no matter where you sit in terms of geography, function or line of business."

As an example of that, Matt cited our numerous function-specific academies: the Supply Chain Academy, the HR Academy and the Data Science Academy, for instance, among many others. We also have multiple digital learning platforms designed to promote cross-functional learning and empower team members to acquire new skills. Because these are self-service portals, you also get to learn at your own pace.

"Our goal is to ensure that purpose, leadership imperatives and Our Credo are core parts of everyone's development journey," he said.

And to that end, Matt and his colleagues are currently partnering with internal employee resource groups at Johnson & Johnson like the Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI), which empowers women and helps prepare them for leadership roles.

"We also have a network of people we call 'Global Development Champions,'" Matt added, explaining that these are employees from all over the world who evangelize learning and development opportunities in their regions.


Strengthen Your Body While Expanding Your Mind


We also want you to be, feel and do your best every single day at Johnson & Johnson, and so we've developed some specific resources to help you out. For one, you'll have access to training from our Human Performance Institute (HPI), which brings together principles of energy management and principles of leadership.

Plus, as you grow in your career, you'll be challenged in new ways, too.

"When you become a people leader," Matt noted, "you'll get to participate in our premier leadership training program, which helps ensure you aren't just leading per se, but leading in the Johnson & Johnson way."

And what is that, exactly?

The answer is something Matt and his colleagues are actively investigating. By analyzing data about the leaders of highly effective teams, they've been able to identify key drivers of performance, which they're distilling into principles—and they plan to spin those principles into new learning experiences in turn.


A Diversity of Learning Experiences


We're one of the world's largest healthcare companies, yet we combine that reach and scale with a decentralized structure. That means employees always have the freedom to pursue their passions and explore their interests.

"While a lot of people bounce around from one company to the next in order to gain a variety of career experiences," Matt pointed out, "you can get that variety of experiences while remaining within Johnson & Johnson, thanks to our many operating companies."

That's something Matt can speak to personally: "In my case, I’ve been in four functions and held 10-plus roles during the course of my tenure. I think I've been able to lead much more effectively because of my diversity of experiences."

In fact, that kind of diversity is exactly what brought Matt to Johnson & Johnson in the first place.

"I joined the company on the strength of a Leadership Development Program I took part in," he recalled. "The rotational nature of the program allowed me to get wide-ranging experiences in different areas. I knew that would help me develop in my career, and that I would be supported along the way. I certainly haven't been disappointed."


How Learning Aligns With Our "True North"


No matter where you move within Johnson & Johnson, you'll find that Our Credo serves as a "true north"—a common language, a decision-making framework and a way of understanding everything we do as a company.

And as Matt underscored, that means Our Credo has important implications for learning, development and career growth at Johnson & Johnson.

"Everyone here knows and lives Our Credo," he said. "It permeates every strategy, every meeting, every decision. So when you move into a new role, or even just take on a new assignment, it’s easier to know how to do the right thing, how to thrive and to succeed."

Perhaps that helps explain the recent finding of a team of data scientists: Frequent movement within Johnson & Johnson has been shown to correlate with faster career growth.

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Everyone is bonded together by Our Credo. That gives you more freedom to move and take on new roles, and it's easier to cultivate a really robust network of mentors.

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