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Student Opportunities in EMEA

magine your next breakthrough in health. In tech. In your passion. Now imagine the impact of that breakthrough multiplied by the billion people whose lives are positively impacted by the innovation at Johnson & Johnson. We combine science, technology and emotional intelligence to change the trajectory of human health. This is where your knowledge and passion can make a meaningful impact. Innovation is what leads us to breakthroughs in health technology that the world needs—and we need people like you.

In EMEA, you’ll join a 40,000-strong team that operates in 46 countries making meaningful impacts globally. You’ll have opportunities to grow, develop your skills and find roles where your talents can have the maximum impact. We take your professional development seriously, so no matter which career path you wish to travel, we’ll help you broaden your skills. Join us to advance the future of human health and take the first steps toward building a career with a purpose.

Opportunities by Experience

Opportunities by Country

Across EMEA we have opportunities that offer recent graduates a huge number of ways to do work that matters, drive innovation and make an impact.
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J&J has the power to make a positive impact and a strong history of success. It was one of the first corporations to create a statement of commitment, before anyone was even thinking about Corporate Social Responsibility. My best discovery has been that people live this Credo.

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There are lots of regularly organised events at J&J, like Lunch & Learns to help us learn more about the business we are supporting. In my group, there are also monthly organized social events outside of work where newcomers can meet other employees.

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I’ve found that there’s the opportunity to develop new skills day to day. For example, I developed my soft skills working on projects with teams in other functions. With this kind of cross-sector enterprise and the company’s global, can-do mindset, anything’s possible. I’ve already become a manager.

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Wherever you are in the world or in your career, we want to get to know you! Sign up for our Global Talent Hub to stay in touch, receive custom job matches and learn more about life at Johnson & Johnson.

Awards and Recognitions by Students

We are proud of the recognitions we’ve received as they demonstrate, year after year, how we embody our mission and vision. Here is a sample of our recent accolades.

Top 100 Internship Programs

Winner 2021

Top 40 list for Most Attractive Employers - Ireland

By Students

Top Company for Graduates to Work For

Top 80 list for Most Attractive Employers - UK

By students

Top In Industry

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology

Johnson & Johnson

By Engineering Students

#16 Johnson & Johnson

By Engineering / IT Students

#26 Johnson & Johnson

By Business Students

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