Careers in Design

Creative, innovative solutions from the Johnson & Johnson team of design professionals improve the lives and lifestyles of real people everywhere.

Solving problems for people everywhere is an integral part of our culture at Johnson & Johnson. We value the power of people-centered design for patients, customers, and communities, and we integrate Design Thinking throughout our functions and businesses.

Designers within our Companies come from diverse backgrounds and roles, ranging from creative conceptualizers and storytellers to analysts and technical implementers, as well as mechanical engineers, systems-focused experience strategists, and MBAs. Discovering unmet needs, envisioning possibilities, developing innovative solutions, and improving experiences — these are the sorts of skills our design community seeks every day, from both internal and external partners.

Our design teams include UI and UX experts, industrial and environmental designers, design researchers and strategists, organization development and business-model innovators, and more. Design Thinking is part of everything we do. And as we work together with our extended teams, it is this long-standing emphasis on transformational innovation that lets us improve the health and daily lives of people everywhere.

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