Applying Data Science for Real-World Impact

"Incorporating data science into everything we do is transforming the way that our organization answers the question of ‘what is possible,’ including the way we conceive of, develop and provide treatment options to our patients."

— Mathai Mammen, Global Head of R&D, Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson

Imagine empowering AI with the accumulated medical knowledge of humankind, building natural language processing applications to make surgery safer or using machine learning to transform how rare diseases are diagnosed. Data science not only makes breakthroughs like these possible but accelerates our impact—it’s how teams at Janssen R&D are shortening clinical trials, for example. And as the world’s largest and most broadly based healthcare company, we’re leveraging our expansive data sets to address the biggest health challenges of our time, from HIV to bladder cancer, lupus and COVID-19.

Inside Our Data Science Community

From pharmaceuticals to medical devices, consumer products to supply chains, we’re assembling a global team of data scientists to innovate, accelerate discoveries and drive so much real-world impact.
  • Carve Your Own Path
    Explore your interests by moving across sectors and functions to solve real-world challenges, from improving cancer treatments to predicting Alzheimer’s disease progression—and so much more. There’s no predefined career path in healthcare data science with us. You’ll hop from one complex problem to the next, and never get bored.

    “Two data scientists could enter our company in the same role today but be doing very different things five or 10 years from now. Your path is determined by your unique passion.”
    —Gayle Wittenberg, Ph.D., Senior Director of Data Science, Neuroscience
  • Make Meaningful Impact
    Our data scientists are disrupting and transforming everything about healthcare, from how diseases are detected to the way we manage our supply chain or discover life-changing drugs. There’s no limit to the positive impact we can make when your expertise and passion meet our data sets and scale.

    “Projects here have implications that could reach millions of people in the world. That’s what makes it such a unique place for data scientists to work.”
    —Jorge Chaves, Ph.D., Data Scientist
  • Inspire and Innovate
    Data scientists are bringing bold innovations to life and directly impacting the lives of patients every day at Johnson & Johnson. But the way we do it is just as important as what we do—and always guided by our mission, values and collective sense of purpose.

    "Our Credo comes into play whenever there are difficult decisions to make. For us, good data science means doing good in the world."
    —Yuqing Sun, Ph.D., Senior Director, Data Science and Analytics
  • Discover Our Culture
    Working with today’s most advanced algorithms and technologies, you’ll continuously evolve your skills, collaborate and be supported by a community of the best and brightest minds in your field, from peers to senior leaders. We want everyone to be, feel and do their best every day—and our benefits and culture reflect that.

    “We’re building a diverse team with expertise in many areas, from machine learning to deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing and much more.”
    —Christel Chehoud, Ph.D., Director, Janssen R&D Analytics and Insights

Connect With Us Today

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