Careers in Facilities

Facilities professionals can build broad experiences while ensuring that our sites are safe, effective and dynamic places to work.

The scope of responsibilities for a Facilities professional can be focused on a specific location or company, or can be international and serve a range of Johnson & Johnson businesses. Often, they’ll find ways to build broad experience as they move through different areas of focus such as real estate management or business expansion projects. They can also play vital roles as members of a cross-functional merger and acquisition team.

Our Facilities professionals and teams manage the safety, quality and cost efficiency of our working, office and manufacturing environments around the world. Facilities teams focus their attention on providing value for internal customers. They support those customers through hard services like maintenance, operations and logistics; and through soft services like catering, cleaning, mail handling, environmental safety and health (ES&H) and security, to ensure safe and healthy working conditions for all employees within the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies.

Facilities managers within our companies work tirelessly to ensure that employees have a safe and supportive workplace experience as they put the health and well-being of patients and customers first. They are valued as strategic business partners, delivering workplace innovations like flexplace planning and designing effective environments that help us all deliver value and innovation.

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