Careers in Information Technology

IT roles within our companies enable critical business success and lead to careers along technology or leadership pathways.

Information Technology professionals within the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies play a critical role in enabling and guiding teams that drive product and process innovation, business analytics and organizational collaboration. They have exceptional project management, interpersonal and presentation skills, and they apply their expertise to add real business value. They also have many opportunities for professional development and career moves along technology or leadership pathways.

Through roles that span system architecture, business relationship management and technology engineering, they keep our operations and processes running smoothly and help ensure that information, products and new innovations get delivered to the patients and consumers who need them.

Opportunities in Information Technology

To find out more about our latest opportunities and how to apply, click the role(s) you’re interested in.

What It's Like to Work Here

I’m passionate about helping people. I wanted to do something I am passionate about. The company gave me that opportunity. It’s a global company where you can work for different segments and get exposure to Johnson & Johnson as a whole healthcare company.

Developing your skill set is a high priority here. Johnson & Johnson invests deeply in both formal and informal development methods. The individuals express interest and vision, the leaders start the conversations, and the company creates an environment for success.

I get to work with good people here. What sets Johnson & Johnson apart is that the decentralized structure offers various opportunities to learn about different businesses. It’s a company with a trusted and admired reputation.

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