Careers in Italy

Have lunch with colleagues and share our unique culture at the company canteen in Pratica di Mare.
Caring for the world, one person at a time... inspires and unites the people of our Latina plant.
At the Latina labs, we embrace research and science—bringing innovative ideas, products and services to advance health and well-being.
The 500+ employees in Pomezia produce toiletries for the world. 80% of this plant’s output is exported.

Italy is home to all three Johnson & Johnson business segments—Consumer, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices. In Italy, more than 2,000 employees are dedicated to manufacturing and marketing products that truly touch the world, with more than 80% of our products being exported to other countries.

Employees within these companies play vital roles in engineering, finance, human resources, information technology, market access/health economics, marketing, operations, quality assurance, regulatory affairs, research and development, and sales.

Whether they are recent graduates or experienced leaders, they have many opportunities for professional and leadership development, flexible career moves, and experience on international teams. And they’re proud to be well connected to a global network of colleagues who touch the lives of more than a billion people around the world every day.

Careers in Italy

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    • Janssen-Cilag S.p.A.
    • Janssen-Cilag S.p.A.
    • Johnson & Johnson Medical
    • S.p.A. Johnson & Johnson S.p.A.
  • Janssen-Cilag S.p.A.

    Borgo San Michele (Latina) is home to our Janssen-Cilag S.p.A. manufacturing plant. Its portfolio includes products in the anti-infective, antipsychotic, cardiovascular, contraceptive, dermatology, gastrointestinal, hematology, immunology, neurology, oncology, pain management, urology, and virology fields.

  • Janssen-Cilag S.p.A.

    Headquarters for Janssen-Cilag S.p.A. in Italy is located in Cologno Monzese (Milano). Janssen-Cilag represents our Pharmaceutical business segment in Italy. Driven by a strong commitment to patients, Janssen brings innovative products, services, and solutions to people throughout the world.

  • Johnson & Johnson Medical S.p.A.

    Johnson & Johnson Medical SpA represents the Medical Devices business segment of Johnson & Johnson in Italy. Our product portfolio includes a broad range of innovative products used primarily by healthcare professionals in the fields of orthopedics, neurovascular, surgery, vision care, diabetes care, infection prevention, diagnostics, cardiovascular disease, sports medicine, and aesthetics. Headquarters for Johnson & Johnson Medical are located near Rome and Milan.

  • Johnson & Johnson S.p.A.

    Johnson & Johnson SpA represents our Consumer business segment in Italy. It includes a broad range of products used in baby care, skin care, oral care, wound care, and women's health care fields, as well as nutritional and over-the-counter pharmaceutical products and wellness and prevention platforms. Our headquarters for sales and marketing and our manufacturing site are both located near Rome.

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