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Careers for Physicians

Our Values

Diverse in skills, background and experience, working in a variety of functions around the world, we at Johnson & Johnson are united by our common passion for patient care. This core value is captured by Our Credo, which defines the fundamental values that unite all Johnson & Johnson employees: we put the people we serve first. Our Credo guides every decision we make and challenges us to keep patients and their families as our primary focus.

The Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies is the largest and most diverse healthcare company, covering consumer healthcare, medical devices and pharmaceticals business segments. We are committed to continuous innovation, with a track record for developing a wide array of innovative healthcare products and solutions.


Revolutionizing disease treatment. Three Johnson & Johnson drugs were granted an accelerated review time to approval (FDA Breakthrough Therapy designation). The drugs demonstrate substantial improvement over existing therapies early in clinical development, and FDA committed to expedited development of these breakthrough drugs addressing multiple myeloma, treatment-resistant depression and chronic lymphocytic leukemia. We also developed the first drug with a novel mechanism of action for tuberculosis in over 40 years.

Innovation in surgery to save lives. Johnson & Johnson is committed to advancing surgical care with an extensive innovative wound-closure portfolio with over 200 different suture needles. A strategic collaboration with Google, Inc. focuses on the creation of an innovative robotic-assisted surgical platform capable of integrating advanced technologies and supporting surgeons in the operating room.

Predicting and preempting disease. We innovate through new approaches. Disease Interception (DI) intervenes earlier than today’s clinically accepted point of diagnosis to stop, reverse or inhibit progression to disease.

Global Impact

We serve millions of patients worldwide by addressing truly unmet medical needs. In 2015, the World Health Organization added 3 of our life-saving medicines to its list of Essential Medicines, bringing the total number of our medicines on WHO’s list to 8.

Our Ethical Code for the Conduct of Research and Development provides specific, global standards of conduct and behavior for physicians responsible for medical aspects of research and development.

The Yale Open Data Access (YODA) Project is enabling scientists around the world to gain access to our company’s clinical trial data. Johnson & Johnson is the first company to collaborate with and give decision rights to an independent third party to allow access to clinical research data and findings. This project aims to advance science and research the foundation of medical care.

Career Opportunities & Development

The broad scope of Johnson & Johnson results in wide-ranging career opportunities across the company. Our colleagues have opportunities to take on new challenges, to grow and to advance in a range of health-related areas.

Throughout our three business segments, physicians can expand their career into a variety of areas such as R&D, Medical Affairs, Global Public Health and Medical Safety. They can work on different disease areas and contribute to innovative products − both in our development pipeline and on the market.

A number of internal programs offer opportunities to develop leadership skills and collaborate on highly-talented, innovative teams that enable broad-based, global approaches to research and innovation.

Collaboration. Connection. Patient impact on a global scale. Explore career opportunities for physicians at Johnson & Johnson.

What It's Like to Work Here

There is an opportunity at Johnson & Johnson to work with colleagues of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and skills. This helps us all grow. Our work with Ebloa, as an example and testament to our commitment to finding unique ways to address the greatest public health concerns of today.

I’ve been fortunate to work in environments that allowed me to learn new skills and capabilities. Johnson & Johnson does a great job of employing talented individuals and teaching them new skills. It is not only enhancing your skills set but also improving the capability of the teams and companies you work with.

Compared to clinical practice, or running a clinical department as I did in a previous role, at Johnson & Johnson we are all rowing in the same direction. As a practicing surgeon I was able to take care of one patient at a time. Now I’m able to take care of thousands of patients at a time with the decisions and products we bring to market.

I have been given great development opportunities - including the International Development Program (IDP), which involved a move to the US from Ireland to work for 2 years in the Global Medical Affairs group and then a cross sector move to Medical Devices. This is very rewarding role to work in.

The impact my work has provides personal satisfaction and benefit. Research alone already creates hope for patients with unmet needs. We help to make these hopes come true and materialize as actual drugs one day. From a personal perspective I like working for Johnson & Johnson as I can balance work and family life.

I chose to work with Johnson & Johnson, as it is one of the largest companies worldwide and has good reputation in China. The company has a tremendous product profile, broader therapeutic areas, and new technology. Johnson & Johnson has three business segments which give me flexibility to expand my experience beyond Pharmaceuticals.

The company does encourage you to expand your skills to broaden your horizons. The company is generous in offering much flexibility to work across business segments and regions. The great mix of colleagues in terms of education and heritage is awesome!

One can work focusing on a single product or on a number of products, so the opportunities are endless. The impact one can make and the value and perspectives that physicians with experienced treating patients bring is immense.