Careers in Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning professionals within our companies shape the future of global health care by defining the paths for cutting-edge innovation.

Strategic Planning professionals within our companies create a vision for growth that shapes the future of healthcare around the world. They define a path for how innovations, technologies and business collaborations can transform the patient and consumer experience.

They drive expanded impact for important healthcare platforms like cardiology, women’s health, skin care or oncology. They tap into discoveries from other parts of our global enterprise to help us deliver new products in local markets where they are most needed. And they ensure that our growth strategies expand the voice and position we hold as a leader in global health care.

Strategic Planning teams create, maintain and manage near- and long-term scenario-planning processes and programs. They identify areas where improved community, patient or professional education could impact product use and health care outcomes.

Because Strategic Planning professionals work with cross-functional teams and across world regions, they have the opportunity to build a broad professional network and build their global business experience. They can also explore exciting career moves into new roles, new businesses and leadership positions within our global enterprise.

What It's Like To Work Here

It’s easy to make an impact here. People are open to good ideas. There is no healthcare company in the world who understands the importance of the patient and the brands we offer better than Johnson & Johnson.

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