Careers in Uruguay

Passion and commitment are the hallmarks of our employees. Join us to work in an environment that values your ideas and provides outstanding professional development opportunities.
Many of our products continue to hold leadership positions in their markets. Our teams are committed to setting new standards for the future.
Employees have the opportunity to develop their skills and build experience in one company and then move their careers across our three business segments.
Our Credo encourages employees to put the needs of our customers first.
See how far your potential can take you. What type of mark will you make?

Our companies in Uruguay foster a caring, diverse and professional work environment, where people share long-standing values and offer diverse perspectives.

Employees in Uruguay play vital roles across all three Johnson & Johnson business segments—Consumer, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices. This creates outstanding opportunities for employees to build experience and move their careers across a range of businesses.

In Uruguay, our companies enable an atmosphere where people can be creative, forward-thinking, and always ready to face new challenges. As a result, our culture is one of high performance that attracts, retains and develops highly capable leaders.

Careers in Uruguay

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    • Johnson & Johnson de Uruguay S.A. - Consumer
    • Johnson & Johnson de Uruguay S.A. - Medical Devices
    • Johnson & Johnson de Uruguay S.A. - Pharmaceuticals
  • Johnson & Johnson de Uruguay S.A. - Consumer

    Johnson & Johnson was established in Uruguay in 1978. During the early years, a number of products were manufactured in Uruguay, some of which were exported to Brazil and Argentina. Local manufacturing was closed in 1993. Currently, Uruguay imports all Johnson & Johnson products, many of them from Argentina. Our Consumer products include many leading brands in a wide range of categories, including Skin Care, Baby Care, Women's Health, Wound Care, Pharmaceutical & Nutritional, Over-The-Counter, and Oral Care.

  • Johnson & Johnson de Uruguay S.A. - Pharmaceuticals

    Janssen Cilag Farmacéutica S.A. provides products and services to improve the health and quality of life for patients in Uruguay. The Pharmaceuticals segment of Johnson & Johnson is actively engaged in meeting the most critical needs of patients around the world through five major therapeutic areas: oncology; cardiovascular disease and metabolism; neuroscience (including pain); infectious diseases; and biological / immunology.

  • Johnson & Johnson de Uruguay S.A. - Medical Devices

    Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Group - Latin America, L. L. C., in Uruguay, markets a broad range of innovative medical technologies used primarily by healthcare professionals. We provide treatment and technologies for use in laboratory, orthopedics, spine, sports medicine and neurology, sutures and tissue repair, biopharmaceuticals, minimally invasive surgery, cardiovascular disease, diabetes care, diagnostics, and vision care.

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