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CareersStories4 innovative benefits to look for in your next role
4 Benefits to look for in your next role

4 innovative benefits to look for in your next role

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Once upon a time, professionals considered themselves fortunate to find an employer that offered a competitive salary, health insurance, and maybe a decent 401(k). If they were lucky, they might even get dental and vision insurance in the bargain. But in today’s hyper-competitive hiring landscape, traditional benefits don’t hold the same attraction for top talent. That’s why companies that are serious about recruiting the best of the best — including Johnson & Johnson — have upped their game by offering a variety of next-generation benefits.

Our Credo states that we’re responsible for our employees, and we believe that means providing our workers with more than just a salary and benefits. We provide them an opportunity to grow their careers — and grow as people, too.

Smart health and wellness initiatives

At Johnson & Johnson, we’re investing in health and wellness initiatives designed to help our colleagues lead their best lives. Whether it’s providing them with new digital tools to track details of their healthcare, or services like Weight Watchers and smoking cessation programs, at Johnson & Johnson, we’re working hard to help our employees stay healthy. And our employee wellness initiatives include support for other aspects of life that impact our team members’ health. College education and retirement planning help is available to maintain our employees’ financial wellbeing and reduce stress, and our yoga and meditation programs help keep our team focused, active, and refreshed.

We’ve also created the Energy for Performance® program as part of our goal of building the world’s healthiest workforce. These courses teach employees how to manage and increase their energy levels in all aspects of their work and lives. A joint effort between the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute and Johnson & Johnson Global Health Services, many of these courses are entirely free and can be taken online or in person.

Generous parental and personal leave policies

Caring for the newest addition to the family is a big job, and parents need the space and time to give their child a healthy, loving start without worrying about income or job loss. That’s why we offer every Johnson & Johnson employee around the globe a minimum of eight weeks of paid leave, though in some markets, we offer six or even 12 months of paid leave. That includes fathers, as well as adoptive and surrogate parents. In the U.S., new mothers can take 17 weeks of paid leave. That’s five more weeks than the 12 unpaid weeks required by the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA).

But we don’t just offer time off for new parents. Our Extended Volunteer Leave Policy allows our colleagues to take up to two weeks off per year — one of which is paid — to volunteer at a nonprofit. Our team members have used this time to do everything from supporting cleft lip and palate surgeries for children in Guatemala to rebuilding homes for South Carolinians in need.

Inclusive LGBTQ benefits

LGBTQ professionals have historically been left out of diversity and inclusiveness initiatives, and they haven’t been able to benefit from childcare and other family and parenting benefits. At Johnson & Johnson, we’re working hard to change this. We believe all of our team members deserve the same benefits, and that’s why we offer equal benefits to partners in same-sex relationships. We also cover the cost of sexual reassignment surgery for employees diagnosed with gender identity disorder.

At Johnson & Johnson, we’re working hard to change this. We believe all of our team members deserve the same benefits, and that’s why we offer equal benefits to partners in same-sex relationships.

These policies contributed to our elite ranking in the Logo network’s first Top 25 Trailblazing Companies list, a who’s-who of the most LGBT-inclusive organizations.

Celebrating and supporting working moms

Being a working mom is never easy, and it’s even harder when you’re actively nursing. U.S. law requires employers to provide nursing mothers with time and a place to express milk during the workday, but there’s no such provision for moms who are traveling for business. As a result, mothers are forced to dispose of milk while traveling, a waste of valuable nutrients for their little ones back home.

To help new moms keep their little ones healthy and happy while on the go, Johnson & Johnson offers free breast milk shipping for mothers who are traveling for business. They can get packaging that’s temperature-controlled, prepared for shipping, and pre-cleared for customs ahead of time.

This is just one of the ways we’re continuing our long and proud history of championing women in the workplace. In fact, eight of our first 14 employees were women! And today, women hold 43% of our management positions in the U.S.

Ready for your next role?

We’re committed to attracting the best and brightest talent, and we’re invested in helping our colleagues lead healthier and more fulfilling lives at home and at work. Our innovative benefits help us achieve both! So when you’re looking for your next opportunity, don’t settle for the same old benefits that have been around for decades. Find a company with benefits that demonstrate a higher degree of investment in your personal and professional future. Your health, your family, and your career will benefit as a result.

To find out more about the innovative benefits you’ll receive at Johnson & Johnson, click here.

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