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5 Cutting-Edge Tech Tools and Resources for Savvy Job Hunters Today

The process of looking for a new job tends to be time-consuming no matter where you are in your career trajectory. After all, you’re looking for an employer that shares your values—a place where your unique combination of expertise, dedication and drive can make real-world impact.

But first, you need to sort through hundreds of job postings.

Job hunting has changed dramatically in recent years, in ways that make it both easier and more difficult. Thankfully, the tools at your disposal to get your application into the right hands have also evolved. Here are five tips to leverage tech tools and resources to improve your job search.

1. Track Your Answers

Most job applications will require personalized answers—and half a dozen applications in, you probably won’t remember what answers you’ve given to which employer.

Thankfully, there are new job application-tracking apps and software on the market, such as Huntr. Look for one that comes with scheduled reminders so that you never forget to send a follow-up email.

As a more manual workaround, you could start a simple spreadsheet where you log all of your applications. It’s a simple way to organize your job search and keep track of where you stand in the journey with each company.

2. Get Online Cover Letter Help

Perhaps the most dreaded part of job hunting is writing cover letters. You might be an awesome project manager, but what if your writing skills are just so-so?

Write, design and personalize more effective cover letters with a letter-building tool such as My Perfect Cover Letter, LiveCareer or Kickresume. Job Hero’s list of cover letter resources provides further insights and tips.

Most importantly, don’t forget to check if potential employers have clearly defined application guidelines. At Johnson & Johnson, for example, we have plenty of online resources to help candidates excel during the application process, starting with our candidate experience platform Shine.

3. Tap an Intelligent Recruiter

Job hunting isn’t the only thing that’s gone digital. Recruiting practices, too, have become increasingly informed by AI and other tech tools in recent years. And while some of these tools, such as Greenhouse, are mostly reserved for employers, a number of them offer candidate-facing applications, too. Leap, for instance, is an AI-backed tool that links job seekers to opportunities.

4. Maximize the Value of LinkedIn

LinkedIn isn’t new, of course, but it’s still one of the best digital tools available for job hunting. That’s because, in order for you to find a job, employers need to be able to find you. And your LinkedIn page has a few functions that can broaden your visibility and appeal to potential employers.

On your Career interests page, you have the option of letting recruiters know you’re open to new opportunities. Plus, you’ll have a chance to specify the kinds of opportunities you’re looking for. And if you’re currently employed, LinkedIn has protocols in place to prevent your company from seeing your “open” status.

LinkedIn’s Jobs section also gives you a lot of filtering power, which should help you more effectively target new opportunities and get relevant recommendations.

5. Strategically Use the Autofill Function

When you’re in full-on job application mode, filling out form after form can be tedious and exhausting—but you can alleviate the burden of that work by using an autofill tool. While most browsers offer basic autofill capabilities, there are also more advanced tools designed specifically for filling out job applications. LiveCareer Apply and Dashlane are two good ones.

These and other tech tools can help you find the right job for you, while also making the application process a whole lot easier. And if you’re looking for an employer that shares your values, provides opportunities for growth and supports your interests—no matter where they take you—don’t miss out on all of the opportunities to join Johnson & Johnson today.

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