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Answered: 5 Questions About Our New Hiring Program for Transitioning Service Members Answered: 5 Questions About Our New Hiring Program for Transitioning Service Members

e're so excited to be launching the Johnson & Johnson SkillBridge Program, our latest military-connected talent pipeline program—one designed specifically for separating United States Armed Forces active duty military service members. But we also know you might have some questions: What differentiates it from other programs? What type of support does it offer? And who, exactly, is eligible to apply?

Here's everything you need to know.


What Is the Johnson & Johnson SkillBridge Program?

As an approved provider with the U.S. Department of Defense, the Johnson & Johnson SkillBridge Program is a talent pathway designed to support the career transitions of separating military service members.

To make that more concrete, let's look at the 30,000-foot view:

  • Three to six months of extensive on-the-job experience for separating military service members who are in their last six months of active duty military service
  • Includes in-person and hybrid opportunities, as well as opportunities across multiple functions at diverse locations across the U.S. (and with 260 operating companies in 60 countries, there's probably a site or an opportunity near you!)
  • Emphasizes opportunities in highly in-demand capability areas through immersive learning and development to understand how your experiences and skills translate into career opportunities with Johnson & Johnson

Why Is Johnson & Johnson a Good Fit?

We're recognized as a best place to work for United States Armed Forces veterans, service members and military families. We have a long and proud tradition of supporting the military-connected community, one which goes back more than a century and remains very much alive today. It's a commitment anchored in Our Credo, and it resonates in everything we do.

A few other differentiators:

  • We believe the leadership skills developed during military service are directly transferable to leadership in civilian employment, especially at Johnson & Johnson—and we know that military service members have inherent strengths that make them highly effective leaders both in their military and civilian careers.
  • We've consistently been recognized as a best-in-class employer for the military-connected community. Most recently, for example, we were named a 2021 “Top Company for Veterans” by DiversityInc, a 2021 “5 Star Employer” by Vets Indexes and a 2021 Military Friendly® Employer.
  • You'll be supported by our Veterans Leadership Council, an award-winning employee resource group for the military-connected community at Johnson & Johnson.

Ultimately, you'll discover that everything we do at Johnson & Johnson is guided by a clearly defined set of values—that we're mission-focused and committed to serving others, just like you.

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U.S. military veterans are highly trained, agile, resourceful, values-based leaders who have entrepreneurial mindsets, see the big picture, understand intent and drive successful execution. Our SkillBridge program is an excellent pathway for these leaders to develop skills and explore the many career opportunities at Johnson & Johnson.

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What Kinds of Opportunities Are Available?

You name it: From supply chain technicians to operations, sales and IT roles, from human resources to engineering and project management, the Johnson & Johnson SkillBridge Program spans a wide range of functional areas. You'll also find opportunities across a number of different levels: analysts, managers, directors and more. We're the largest and most diversified healthcare products, so we can offer you a breadth of opportunities you simply won't find anywhere else.

After all, your military experience required you to excel while taking on diverse challenges and serving others. Why shouldn't your civilian career as well?


Who Is Eligible?

If you're ready to not only continue your leadership journey but make a positive impact in the lives of people everywhere, we can't wait to meet you—and we need you on our team.

In order to be eligible, you'll need to meet the following criteria:

  • A demonstrated record of success throughout your military career is required.
  • Other skills and experiences may be required or preferred, depending on the functional area, operating company, group requirements or level of responsibility associated with the role. Some positions will require bachelor’s degrees and/or specific functional or technical knowledge, for example, while others may not.
  • You'll also need to meet all eligibility requirements of the U.S. Department of Defense's SkillBridge Program.

How Do I Apply?

If you're ready to join forces with the vibrant military-connected community at Johnson & Johnson today, here's how:

  • Download this one-pager, which outlines eligibility requirements, program benefits and more. It's a useful resource to keep handy—and you can share it with your Chain of Command or education/transition office, too.
  • Send an email to for more information and instructions to apply.
  • Consult the U.S. Department of Defense's SkillBridge page for Service-specific SkillBridge application or enrollment guidance.
  • For common questions about the SkillBridge Program application process and more, download our FAQ.

Not sure this program is the right fit for you? Keep in mind that the Johnson & Johnson SkillBridge program isn’t the only way we support the military-connected and veteran community. Far from it. So be sure to sign up for our Global Talent Hub if you'd like to receive updates about additional opportunities as they become available.

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