One Career. Global Reach.


Johnson & Johnson celebrates World Health Day, but making a positive impact on the lives of people around the world isn't a one-day commitment for us. There are more than 125,000 Johnson & Johnson employees around the globe, and we all believe in being accountable to our communities, our colleagues and everyone who uses our products and services. That's because we're all united by a shared commitment to Our Credo.

We’re not only putting health-focused products on the shelves of stores in countries all over the world, we’re also spearheading innovative research, using the latest cutting-edge technology and supporting a wide variety of humanitarian efforts around the globe.

Want to make a positive, real-world impact with your career? Here are some facts and figures illustrating just how much of the world we help. And check out all of the openings we have available today. Because when you apply your talent with our global reach, there's no end to the lasting impact we can make, together.

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