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Strengthen Your Body, Expand Your Mind: Energy for Performance® Training at Johnson & Johnson

We put people first—always—at Johnson & Johnson, a priority you can see reflected in our commitment to having the world's healthiest workforce by 2020. We want our 130,000 employees around the globe to feel, be and do their best every day.

But we know that will require more than simply offering best-in-class employee health benefits or building work/life balance into our culture. Rather, to truly unlock everyone's full potential, to expand their capacity and elevate their performance, we need to have resources in place that support long-term behavioral change, too. And that’s where Energy for Performance® (E4P) at Johnson & Johnson comes in.

Here’s what our employees are saying about E4P—and how you can strengthen your body, while expanding your mind, by joining Johnson & Johnson today.

Unlock Your Power to Reach Your Full Potential

Built on the latest research and insights from three connected fields—performance psychology, exercise physiology and nutrition—E4P has specific, practical goals: namely, to help employees be more engaged, reduce burnout and allow all team members to live up to their full potential.

While that might sound like a tall order, the practice itself is broken down into simple steps that anyone can follow.

“It wasn’t unrealistic or overwhelming,” recalled Stephanie Collins, Manager Business Quality, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. “They tried to give you actions for everything. So it wasn’t anything that was earth-shattering or impossible to take away. What it gave us were tools to take care of ourselves.”

Jill Kring, Senior District Manager at the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, likewise said she valued the action-based nature of the learning. And she added that, as is often the case in life, simple insights proved to be the most enduring: “The biggest ‘aha’ moment for me had to do with stretching—and the idea of stretching yourself. Every time you stretch, you grow! I’d never thought of that before.”

And for some participants, like Rhonda Jones, Ph.D., R&D Quality and Compliance Site Lead at Johnson & Johnson, putting those insights to use has had a major impact.

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Now, I’m a lot more focused,” she said. “I feel more motivated and driven, and I think it’s because I’m so active and energized. It makes me feel like I can accomplish more—I can do more.

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Results That Speak for Themselves

So far, more than 76,000 employees have participated in E4P, and we’ve seen some incredible results—even among participants who may have been skeptical going in.

Take Joe Duhack, a Flight Maintenance Engineer at Johnson & Johnson Aviation. When training started, Joe was suffering from an injured hip and worried that he wouldn’t be able to get much out of the program as a result. But, once the injury healed, Joe began implementing some of the things he’d learned. Since then, he said, “I’ve changed my diet and eating habits completely. I’ve been able to follow the plans set forth in the training. I feel so much better.”

Addressing his E4P trainers directly, Joe said: “I just want to thank you so much. The training changed—and is changing—my life. And for that I’m eternally grateful!”

Connecting Actions to Passion and a Sense of Purpose

Driven by our mission, passion and the values inscribed in Our Credo, Johnson & Johnson is creating a healthier world, one community at a time. E4P takes a similar approach, fostering holistic thinking about purpose and mission while also empowering people with meaningful practices they can put into use every day.

And for participants like Tami Leather, Senior Administrative Assistant – Medical Information at Janssen Scientific, LLC, part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, that kind of holistic approach made all the difference. “Health is not just physical—it’s about mind and body, motivation and finding your purpose,” she said.

E4P was developed by the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute®, a pioneer in proven, sustainable behavior change. In the course of more than 30 years of research in the fields of high performance and energy management, the Human Performance Institute® has found that when people bring their best energy to work and life, they can accomplish remarkable things.

Of course, you’ll see that firsthand when you apply your talent and expertise to our collective purpose at Johnson & Johnson. Ready to strengthen and transform the lives of billions of people worldwide, including your own? Check out all of the opportunities we have available today.

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