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Careers in Health Economics/Market Access/Reimbursement

Health Economics/Market Access/Reimbursement (HEMAR) professionals within our companies are passionate about removing barriers between patients and the life-saving healthcare solutions they need. HEMAR team members identify the best possible arrangements for getting essential products to the patients around the world who need them. They work hard to make research transparent and to assure that we operate with integrity.

HEMAR employees ensure that the unmet needs of patients and the requirements of payers, across both developed and emerging markets, are addressed. And because this role is vital in so many of our businesses, HEMAR employees find frequent opportunities for development and progression along a professional or a leadership career track.

The full range of HEMAR opportunities includes roles that are local or global in scope and impact. Team members enjoy close collaboration with government agencies, healthcare decision makers, academics and broad external stakeholder groups. They get to see first-hand how access to our technologies and medicines can impact the lives of the patients and families that need them most.

What It's Like To Work Here

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