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4 Ways Johnson & Johnson Is Innovating, Disrupting—and Living Up to Our Credo

t Johnson & Johnson, we are always looking at ways to disrupt and innovate. From launching breakthrough initiatives in healthcare to bringing new transparency to the hiring process for today’s brightest and most talented professionals, here are four ways that Johnson & Johnson is changing the game and continuing to live up to Our Credo—doing well by doing good.

We’re Demystifying the Hiring Process With Johnson & Johnson Shine
How many times have you painstakingly revised your resume and applied for job after job, only to hear nothing? It’s incredibly frustrating when you can’t see how your application is progressing through the hiring channels and there’s no one you can talk to about it.

That’s why we created Shine—to shine a light on the hiring experience and help candidates shine. Gone are the usual characteristics of the hiring process: the lack of clarity, the internal focus, the nonresponsiveness to candidates. We’ve replaced them with an engaging, well-explained process that is accessible and responsive to candidates. At Johnson & Johnson, we’re invested in the success of our candidates, so we’re not only giving them visibility into all stages of the hiring experience but also helping them prepare.

We receive a million (literally) resumes each year, and we’re grateful to have so many talented professionals in our talent pipeline. With Shine, you’ll get continual updates on your progress, and you can even use the @JNJShine Twitter handle to ask questions directly or get advice on your job search.

We’re excited to be leaders in this space, and we encourage more companies to follow our lead and build similar platforms that will increase transparency in the hiring process.

We’re Taking Major Steps Forward for Diversity & Inclusion
At Johnson & Johnson, we’re committed to creating a culture that allows our employees to change the world without changing themselves. Making good on that commitment is part of the reason we were named as a leading company on the 2017 Diversity Best Practices Inclusion Index—but we’re not content to rest on our laurels.

Eight of our first 14 employees were women, so it’s no surprise that today we are leading the pack in preparing women and other underrepresented groups for sought-after STEM careers. In 2017 we launched the WiSTEM2D Scholars Program for nontenured female professors in STEM disciplines. In addition to a $150,000 prize, winners also receive mentorship opportunities from both Johnson & Johnson and STEM2D industry leaders.

Finally, you might have heard that we recently joined the Coalition for the American Dream, an alliance of businesses dedicated to the passage of bipartisan legislation that protects America’s Dreamers while working to find a long-term solution to immigration reform.

“The Coalition for the American Dream is one way we’re continuing to support our employees, patients and consumers,” Johnson & Johnson’s Chairman and CEO Alex Gorsky wrote. "Johnson & Johnson must continue to mobilize a more diverse workforce. We must continue to advance our culture of belonging, where open hearts and minds combine to unleash the potential of the brilliant mix of people, in every corner of the world.”

We’re Getting Closer to Ending HIV and AIDS
In our efforts to improve healthcare around the globe, one of our greatest recent accomplishments is the progress we have made in our mission to defeat HIV/AIDS.

We got our first glimpse of encouraging in-human clinical data for the HIV-1 vaccine regimen. Following a clinical trial, our researchers found that the vaccine “elicited HIV-1 antibody responses in 100% of healthy volunteers.” If these early results are any indication of the vaccine’s potential, we could help save millions of lives. On World AIDS Day 2017, we announced that together with a consortium of global partners we have initiated the first efficacy study for an investigational mosaic HIV-1 preventive vaccine. An estimated 1.8 million people worldwide were newly infected with HIV in 2016 alone.

We’ve also opened our new Center for Device Innovation at Texas Medical Center. The goal of the center is to develop state-of-the-art medical devices that will improve surgical procedures, and innovating to bring these devices to underserved populations around the globe. Outfitted with the latest 3-D printers and laser cutters, the center is an inventor’s dream come true. There’s even a virtual reality room where designers can test out their devices. Yes, it sounds like the holodeck from Star Trek—and yes, it’s awesome.

We’re Humbled by the Lives We Touched
Just like Our Credo says, you can’t just be responsible for the community you live in. You have to look out for the global community as well. Those are words we live by, and in 2017 we demonstrated that by donating baby boxes to Haiti in the wake of Hurricane Matthew to curtail infant mortality, and by providing access to early childhood development centers for Syrian refugee children.

We’ve also been listed in the top 10 on Newsweek’s 2017 Green Ranking of companies’ sustainability practices and overall environmental performance. It’s no surprise, given that we are on track to reach our ambitious Health for Humanity 2020 Goals, which include, among other things, reducing our impact on the climate and finding sustainable design solutions for our products.

This is far from everything we’ve been working on or achieving lately, but it does give you a sense of how committed our colleagues are to doing great work and building a better world. We’re working hard to accomplish even more in 2018—and we could use your help to get there.

If you’re ready to find a challenging, rewarding career with measurable positive impact the world over, we’d love to meet you. Apply today.

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