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5 Reasons to Join Johnson & Johnson's Team Today


ou won't find a job at Johnson & Johnson—you'll find a career. We're passionate about helping our teammates learn, grow, develop their skills and find roles where their talents and values can have maximum impact. From entry-level employees to the C-suite, we work every day to live up to the values of Our Credo. We have a proud history of groundbreaking health innovation—from BAND-AID® Brand adhesive bandages to today's most cutting-edge treatments for HIV and cancer— and believe that we can combine passion, science and technology to change the trajectory of human health.

When you join our team at Johnson & Johnson, you become part of a global force for good. You'll also find the kind of culture, leadership and resources that can help you build a meaningful career. From internships to co-op opportunities, leadership development programs (LDPs), full-time positions and more, there are a number of ways you can apply your academic skills to make a positive impact in the lives of people everywhere.

Investment in Your Future
We know that our people are our most important asset. They're what enables us to create innovative new products and procedures that improve the lives of billions worldwide.

“Every year that I’ve been at Johnson & Johnson, there’s been a constant investment in my career—and in me,” said Nigel Storey, Senior Director and Chief Operating Officer of Johnson & Johnson Design. While earning his degree in computer science at Rutgers University, Nigel took part in the Inroads Internship Program, with which Johnson & Johnson was involved. After graduation, he joined our team as an IT specialist. And today—eight roles later—Nigel's story is a good example of how Johnson & Johnson invests heavily in the growth and development of employees.

We’re also working hard to keep our employees healthy—in every way. That means we offer, in addition to on-site fitness centers and yoga and meditation programs to help keep our teams active, wellness initiatives like college education and retirement planning to strengthen employees' overall financial well-being. We value our employees and are committed to helping them be and feel their best every day.

Flexibility and Mobility
Johnson & Johnson's Family of Companies comprises more than 250 organizations in over 60 countries around the world—and there are always opportunities to transfer from one company to the next. When you launch your career at Johnson & Johnson, you'll gain access to a variety of opportunities around the globe.

As Jeff Mathers, Senior Director of Software Engineering and Emerging Technology with the Johnson & Johnson Technology group, put it: “I've changed roles many times during my career here. Changing roles is one of the best parts of working at Johnson & Johnson. You can build new relationships—and learn about entirely new business and technology spaces—while staying within the same company.”

Jeff began his tenure at Johnson & Johnson by working in pharmaceutical research and development before moving onto IT, where he focuses on the development of medical devices and healthcare technologies. This kind of mobility isn't the exception at Johnson & Johnson—it's the norm.

Positive Global Impact
The work we do touches the lives of over a billion people throughout the world each day—and that makes us the largest and most diversified healthcare company in the world, participating in consumer healthcare, pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

The opportunity to do meaningful work is why recent graduate Madiha Irfan joined Johnson & Johnson. Our commitment to building a healthier world is why our teams are working on a variety of lifesaving innovations. It's also why we're developing groundbreaking new mHealth apps to help mothers and their young children stay healthy in the developing world, and why we're creating programs to help support and train nurses around the globe.

At Johnson & Johnson, you'll have an immediate opportunity to contribute in ways that make a real-world, measurable impact.

A Diverse and Inclusive Culture
We're keenly aware that diverse perspectives and experiences help us innovate and improve. We're invested in building truly diverse and inclusive workforces across our entire Family of Companies—and our efforts haven't gone unnoticed. We were selected as #2 out of 100 publicly traded companies on the Thomson Reuters Diversity & Inclusion Index, and #1 on DiversityInc's list of top companies for diversity.

From actively recruiting underrepresented groups to providing equal benefits to partners in same-sex relationships, we believe that everyone has a place at Johnson & Johnson and deserves our complete support.

A Wealth of Opportunity
No matter what your interests are or where your talents lie, there's an opportunity for you at Johnson & Johnson. From working on consumer products to lifesaving pharmaceuticals and medical devices, you'll find a role here that enables you to use your passions and skills to help people all over the world lead happier, healthier lives.

Click here to see all the opportunities to contribute at Johnson & Johnson today. We can't wait to hear from you!

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